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I'm Colton, a Toronto based sound designer. I've been a junior sound designer for 4 years. In 2016 I graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in Film Production. It was there I fell in love with audio. I honed my audio production skills through various short internships, one at Post Office Sound doing sound design and project organization for a feature film, another at Little Guy Games getting a taste of designing sound for interactive experiences. I've been freelancing and figuring things out ever since.

A couple years ago I decided to broaden my skillsets. When I was interning at Little Guy Games I felt paralyzed by my inability to speak like a game developer. As I continued my path through film and tv sound design I felt more and more like that wasn't where I was meant to be. I had enough! So I enrolled at Sheridan College in their Game Design program in 2018. I've since been honing my technical and theoretical understanding of how to make games that people care about. I'm learning to think and act like a developer, which has only made me a better fit as an interactive sound designer.

Despite my schooling and internship experience I've lacked meaningful sound design mentorship. My studio experience so far has been sink-or-swim, and this has left my great at figuring problems out, but lacking in fundamentals. I'm applying to the Obsidian University program  in hopes of finding mentors to take me to the next level, and to be able to contribute to projects with a team more talented and wonderful than I could ever be alone.



*Pro Tools              *Reaper

*FMOD                    *Unity

*Unreal Engine       *Kontakt 5

*Synthesis             *C#

*Audio Recording   *Restoration


Why Obsidian?

At GDC 2019 I had the opportunity to speak to Carrie Patel about what it's like working at Obsidian. She kindly explained that it's the best. I was able to catch Carrie and David Szymczyk's talk on Obsidian's narrative tools. ​As taken as I was with the talk what really stuck with me was the passion, care, and talent of Carrie and David. They're people I want to work with and learn from. Obsidian has always been a dream company, but after meeting some of the studio's finest,  it's become a dream team.


The amount of audio in any given Obsidian game is staggering. It's at a scale I struggle to imagine. I want to know how you manage it. I'm as excited at the idea of making awesome sfx as I am learning how Obsidian tracks voice over lines, or standardizes a consistent dialogue mix between characters. The learning opportunities are endless, and I'm ready to learn from the best.

Growth and Opportunity

Obsidian makes the games I want to make. Story-driven, choice-heavy, systems based role playing games. The worlds are rich and dense and rife with opportunities to tell stories through audio. The challenges posed by the scope of Obsidian's games appeals to me. I'd love to work on a team small enough to have a tight-knit feeling, but large enough to accomplish something great. Obsidian has been a studio I've followed for as long as I've been playing games. The pedigree of the company and its talent isn't lost on me, and the idea that I could be a part of it is wildly motivating. Obsidian is a studio I would work to stay at, and I relish the opportunity to do so.

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